Well-Being in Every Drop

Vortex Essences offers high vibrational products that serve your current lifestyle and awakening inner journey to creating new choices and experiences that bring you greater peace, self-love clarity and happiness.

Imagine addressing ancestral beliefs with the vibrational gifts of Vortex Essences.. We are transforming our cultural programming to create a world evolving out of survival to one where we all can access the opportunities to thrive.

Vortex Essences are natural, easy to take. Bottled in stock levels from our mothers per order, they will continue to be available whenever you find them.

Offered "tune ins" are available upon request via email and sent to you asap. Through intuitive listening & testing Kathryne-Alexis (KA) will send what sparks alive the true Essence of You!

  • Mount Shasta Collection

    Found on and around the slopes of Mount Shasta, CA.

    Embodying the sacred qualities of the area merged with the particular flowers unique signature and highest dna expression. Any one essence or the entire collection is perfect for all and those on a spiritual path of freedom, self-expression, healing, illumination and ascension.


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  • Sedona Collection

    Manifestation ignites your heart's desires in the essences made of the wildflowers of the vortexes of Sedona, AZ.  Offering the frequencies of strength and perseverance to make the many linkups available to align your source and personal goals, projects and desires so they may manifest in this lifetime

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  • Teton Collection

    Teton Wildflower Essences are activators awakening your greatest potentials in your body, allowing for your divine blueprint to physically manifest with grace when intended. The set works synergistically to open your electrical system to dissolve blocked energies and align your subtle energy fields and physical body to receive your greatest good as given specifically by your word and decree, intent and consent.

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  • Cumbria Collection

    A collection carrying an ancient creative design brought present for future generations.  Refresh your sense of euphoria through this collection. Let inner desires begin to emerge and magical opportunities take shape. Let new potential and creative alignments spark the muse within you to discover your gifts to share and build a new legacy for future generations. Many are waiting to learn and receive and aliven their own purposes to be expressed in these modern evolving times.

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  • Tuscany Collection

    Awakening new renaissance actualizations, pulses in each of the essences made from the wild and garden flowers of Tuscany, Italy. They embrace with ease, ever-changing potential. Nature's purity, weaving wholeness in well-being. The Tuscany essences empower new visions of cultural expression, individual genius and inspired global lifestyles of creativity enhancing a new ecosphere of spiritual community. 

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  • Trinity Collection

    Inspired by the knowledge of greater expansions to come for humanity, these essences create a vibrational bridge from the contrasts experienced in daily life to the beautiful inner journey of becoming who you truly are destined to embody, express and gift out into the world.   They offer a new and graceful means to create the shifts and changes you wish to explore and experience this life time. The word trinity carries many meanings, and for these essences made, it represents the potential to take two opposing energies, beliefs or experiences and raise your perspective, feeling nature, and understanding as to what the seeming duality calls out to become in harmony, solution, innovation or inspiration.


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  • DNA Support Collection

    This DNA Support Collection offers a vibrational match to activations and energy work focused on supporting your optimal health. A vibrational multi-dimensional offering for your personal evolving growth. ​also can work with your naturopathic physician or health care practitioner to clear core issues and related causes of dis-ease this collection assists creating a harmonious balance during detox, adjustments, rejuvenation, and surgeries.


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  • Garden Collection

    The Garden Essences are being made in human created garden landscapes with Nature connecting to new earth vortex frequencies for spiritual living in any urban or country setting. They empower a spiritual awakening & grounded unity within self in any environment or human created habitat. a vibrational bridge to assist the honoring and understanding of co-creating with nature . Ecoscapes, that offer a comfortable welcoming Uniting in harmony with nature, by garden, by acre, by park, by nursery.

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  • Crystal Light Collection

    The Crystal Essence mothers are made over a three or more day cycle on auspicious seasonal planetary events and moon cycles. They receive the incoming source energies both day and night to embody the balance through the infusions of the crystal, gem or mineral’s energy patterns into pure spring water. Each essence is made in what I call divine timing, to assist in balancing and raising the stone’s recorded consciousness and vibrational healing pattern to its highest frequency possible at the time. The particular stones chosen for these essences are usually rough and natural, with the exceptions of covellite and iolite, which were sculpted and/or polished.  Many have been chosen from specific geographical areas. All have come into our care through divine ways that have been simple, profound, humorous and magical. They chose us and made sure we found them. The name following the stone’s common name has been given as a key for humanity’s use.

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