Collection: Ascendant Living Blends (Dosage 1 oz. glass bottle w/dropper)

The Ascendant Living Blends offer focused support from those who have gone before us here on earth and look in wisdom and offer new energies and perspective support. These blends are for those focused spiritual growth and empowerment with the Ascended Masters and· Illumined Beings of the Earth's Light Realms. Like a magnet you feel drawn to these blends to easily work with one or more of the beings who co-created them during your life’s journey.

All blends in the Ascendant Living Blends collection have been co-created with new intricately woven frequencies through the Vortex Essences to support and unite individuals and groups in worldwide collaborations  serving humanity’s revelation, illumination, enlightenment and getting into their vortex.  They are tested for reformulating each year and revised as required.