Collection: "Live From Your Vortex" 6 Month Subscription (Dosage 1oz. glass bottle w/dropper)

This tailored program is designed to support you and your family on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. It is easy, efficient, practical and magically miraculous. A great way to stay on track and vibrationally on the high vibe side of daily living.  (6 months required for this special price and includes USA or Global shipping) Mother Nature for quantum change... personalized and made with love ​to uplift the rough moments and dance in celebration of your unique contributions 

LIVE IN THE MOMENT with peace and love and all you wish to experience. Know you are home where ever you go. This program will help you to believe, feel and know this to be true.
INTEND TO THRIVE  with all the surprises, synchronicities, joys and contrasts of Life.

Everything is energy. How we perceived that energy or life experience, and perhaps judged, blocked or held on to it, in one or all levels of being is unique to each individual.  Because you are so unique and complex, this program is an easy to use, simple way to keep in sync with planetary shifts and your own self-improvement and well-being. 

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