Collection: Nature Blends

Nature prepares the way, studies the trends & inspires these blends!  
​These formulas are from the Vortex where nature intelligence offers graceful shift with unique blends & frequencies that weave together special attributes and alignments to serve you.  May you discover one or more that will uplift and support you now and into the future. 

Developed to address
~ Areas of trending concerns in the community and mindsets that sweep through the psyche of humanity as well as media influencers.  
~ Nature pulses balance and harmony for these waves and focuses to support awakening core beliefs that are empowering.  
~  Fulfillment of long held desires are vibrationally addressed in certain Nature blends invoking more love to evolve their manifestation
~  Create a sense of well-being in your daily life experiences. 

1 oz Dosage Bottle