Collection: "Specially For You " Custom Blend (Dosage 1oz. glass bottle w/dropper)

Everything is Energy. How we perceived that energy or life experience and judged, blocked or held on to it, in one or all levels of being is unique to each individual.  Each "Specially For You" is created to assist your current intentions and focused desires and to help maintain a state of balance during times of expansion, change or challenge. When healing energies are called for it may be formulated to embrace the physical, emotional, mental, and soul/spiritual levels or frequencies that resonate to the specific details, memories and energy being addressed and assist the body’s electrical system to flow, open in it’s natural alignment, harmony and well-being. . Through intuitive listening, communication and testing with kinesiology each testing I do allows for the perfect combination to be gathered from the Vortex Essence collection that is in your highest potential and good.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For your first week use 2X once upon awaking and once before going to bed. Then you may use it daily up to 5x, or as guided.