Collection: Teton Stock Essences (.5 oz glass bottle w/dropper)

Emergence into your true self and creative power awaits you in the essences made of the wildflowers of the Grand Teton Range, Jackson,WY. 
Offering nature's power of emerging creative potential and possibility for those ready and able to focus their consciousness to receive new solutions, inspirations, innovations as they flow genius into their daily lives and service.  

From an insight and calling that came as we entered 2000, a new century, the Teton Wildflower Essences began being made in 2001 to co-create a natural vortex of divine creative force in which all of humanity could drink of and experience a deeper connection on many levels of consciousness opening for humanity leading up and through 2012. These essences are activators awakening your greatest potentials in your body, allowing for your divine blueprint to physically manifest with grace when intended. The set works synergistically to open your electrical system to dissolve blocked energies and align your subtle energy fields and physical body to receive your greatest good as given specifically by your word and decree, intent and consent. Those drawn, guided and inspired to use them will be facilitated in their personal health and well being, expansion of personal consciousness, and ease in ascendant living.