About Us

Allow Nature to nurture your soul. 
The Vortex Essence collection of flower essences began in 1997 with a deep desire to co-create natural products that promote personal well-being, soul growth, and natural success through any change you have revealed, so you can achieve  a life doing what you love.  

Our mother essences have been made in Sedona,  Mt. Shasta , Grand Tetons, Tuscany, Cumbria, Swiss Alps and special global gardens.  Each one adds its own unique frequencies to embrace of our mission to be  "Nature's Alliance in healing for soul integration and self-empowerment" 

Practically adapted to new normal lifestyles. Meeting your needs and adding a smile and extraordinary for your health and harmony and balance in every day living.  

Over the years we have co-created a vibrational nature sanctuary of over 337 wildflower and garden essences and crystal light essence mothers.  Always listening to the Vortex Team, there is a evolving collection of aromaessence sprays, nature blends for specific trends and challenges, and custom product development for private sale. There is a flow of great love, joy and focused purpose with this alliance for you to receive when you choose.  ​~ The Vortex Team

About KA : Evolving on my own personal journey

Flower essences played an important role in my balancing and harmonizing deeply suppressed trauma and fear patterning from childhood.  Co-creating them with nature, Gaia became a part of my journey in spiritual awakening. They helped to build my own inner wisdom and rapid cellular transformation and claiming a sense and belief in a path of happiness.  Flower essences are profound and simple if you will use them. I am always excited to share the ease and grace they bring. So much so, I co-created an entire flower essence and crystal light product line to support integration and self-empowerment.

~ Much love, Kathryne-Alexis.