Abundance Blends

These products have been inspired from our vortex of creation to serve the many... all offerings are monitored for their efficiency, effectiveness and exchange values and frequency of use. Formulas are reevaluated at the finish of each mother blend formula and will be tested then to match the new frequencies that are best serving humanity.  How you choose which one to purchase and the order take them are your responsibility exclusively. Short brief advice, comment, and suggestion in consultations are sourced in purity and free of your current resistance, excuses and projections.  They are offered in the light, love and victory for your earthly life of abundance.      
In appreciation for your presence here and now,  KA & the Vortex Team.

A defining note: Money & Crypto is something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment. Money & Crypto often is accepted in the form of coins, tokens and banknotes of local, national & international fiat currency. From the accepted baseline of created measure, it then shifts into many forms. To generate the high vibrational magnet for money (free of the energetics of mindsets, paradigms and control of current money systems) requires clarity and focus, a pristine unconditional appreciation of self worth and a new positive money story. How you receive your money varies with your choice of livelihood, streams of income you create and the actions you do to establish its continuity of arrival into your lifestyle.

Aligned Prosperity 
When an inner knowing calls you to begin to design a new pathway to create your own prosperity, the use of Aligned Prosperity will activate a new energetic flow to your personal aspirations. Your conscious awareness of doing and being what you love as a means of purposeful, enjoyable fulfillment gains new momentum and an empowered enthusiasm to find like-inspired connections to thrive. Let this high vibrational attraction blend align and guide you to your life of prosperity. Opportunities present themselves to be seen, reviewed and chosen with each cycle of intuitive inspiration. Define your unique prosperity frequency that brings great joy! 

Divine Supply
Divine supply is your natural birthright of freewill choice. This blend has been created to clear out the past scarcity unconscious beliefs as you create new intentions and statements in your own words, of your earthly nourishment, nurturing needs, wishful wants, and heart & soul desires.  It is worth repeating "Your natural birthright of freewill choice."  Believe to receive.  There is more than enough resources for all. So begin living your life fulfilled in well-being. Do you believe in that you can ask and receive, your needs met?  Say YES.. Can you inspire new questions as you let old limiting ones transform?  Will you feel your resistance to having the life of your dreams and lovingly use it to fuel new visions? Can you love yourself even more to soothe your heartache of beliefs that you are not worthy? How do you imagine the energy alignment between you and your vortex of creation? The best moment of your life is now and now and …

Manifesting Wealth
​Timelines and soul agreements influence this blend on an individual basis to comply with freewill governance. The collective paradigms of wealth manifestation also set a tone or frequency level(s) of how one can access and achieve observable wealth. Envisioning during your lifetime a pathway or progression of acquiring wealth aids in its manifestation now and at soul integration levels. So by taking this blend, as you review your streams of receiving and wealth management, all levels of your conscious being harmonize to encourage alignment, clear communication of guided intuition and insight for the details, action steps and order for ease in manifestation.  

Money Magnet
Magnetize money to you for your physical hands and use. Energize your desire for continuous monetary flow to be available to you and received in balanced appreciative ways. Open to attract and magnetize new sources and resources to receive money. Money Magnet maintains, enhances and invigorates new aligned intentions for your divine receptivity to money. It will invite new unforeseen ways to experience an increase flow of money into your life. Forgotten loans and gifts of money you had long ago given freely and generously to another return in full, through another in the flow of divine reciprocity to complete a cycle of exchange to flow again. ​

Natural Abundance
Align your daily experiences, with a new sense of well being, to the bountiful force of Life in co-creation with the power of nature that produces. Awaken your connection to nature's alchemy within so you may consciously begin to actively perceive your outer reality in harmony and abundance. Discover, awaken and learn your own unique gifts that add to the abundant flow for humanity and earth's ecosystems. Transform held cellular memory, with tangible knowing, of your own beliefs, habits and in some cases agreements to live the patterns of scarcity and lack. Be free to be the flow of change with natural abundance.