Echinacea (Pow Wow/Wild Berry) - Certainty  (Purpurea)

Echinacea (Pow Wow/Wild Berry) - Certainty (Purpurea)

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What you believe and create nature will aliven. This essence helps you to feel a certainty of knowledge, a core strength and inner foundation, where you are so sure of your guidance and actions through change and movement. Set the tone of certainty. Allow your wisdom to emerge for you as you ponder your life experiences. What do you know for sure? How fast do you slip from certainty into question? Can you revel in the delicious discovery of a broader perspective as your body purges old frequencies? Will you grow into the full graceful strength of your becoming as change agents appear to show you options for your choice of experience? Find your inner faith and trust and core certainty and share if you are inspired, for others to feel theirs. Ever changing certainty can be fun! Balance empathetic cords of past relationships to be present