Jasmine - The Sweet Life - La Dolce Vita  (Villa Vine )

Jasmine - The Sweet Life - La Dolce Vita (Villa Vine )

Vortex Essences

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Delicious diversity! A reality where everyone is accepted as they arrive at the collective potential, contributing their enjoyment of life and all the moments that bring ever-changing delight in their creation and sharing and weaving into the fabric and tapestry of global society. This flower essence mother was made in co-creation with the collective potential and experience of the retreat guests and villa community. Creating nature's new renaissance vortex  link to the divine feminine portal and activities of light done in 2013 guided by Patricia Cota-Robles. Supported by the Yarrow mother which had solarized on the same place a few days before, this Jasmine mother quickly merged and shared its signature throughout the growing plant species and unified planetary ecosphere.