Live from Your Vortex - 6 month subscription program  Global

Live from Your Vortex - 6 month subscription program Global

Vortex Essences

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This tailored program is designed to support you and your family on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. It is easy, efficient, practical and magically miraculous. A great way to stay on track and vibrationally on the high vibe side of daily living.


  • recognizes the divine in you
  • helps you align to choices that bring success
  • empowers current and conscious living
  • opens the channels for creative genius to express
  • helps to ground you and brings clarity
  • brings a sense of celebration, esteem and worth.
  • serves global awareness for peace 
  • creates a stable pathway during growth shifts and changes. "the rough spots"
  • provides current and unique guidance on conscious shifts each month with the monthly message.

TAKE UP TO 5X DAILY. Your vortex custom blend provides the perfect infusion of essences geared specifically to move you to the next level.  Taking your blend allows the more stubborn beliefs you carry of the collective to surface and dissolve away as energy instead of process, while you stay focused on your intentions, desires and outcomes.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the energetic support that is created within this program and our commitment to YOU there is 
​NO REFUND AVAILABLE for this product purchase.  6 months required for this special price and includes Global shipping